REIGNS REPORT: A DISASTER of a night that Battle For Seattle was won't be forever remembered in the mind of Roman Reigns as the night that broke Roman Reigns. The notorious Bane once "BROKE" The Bat, yeah Bruce Wayne himself. But you know what Bruce was taught a valuable lesson by his father as was Reigns... What do we do when we fall? We learn to pull ourselves up and time and time again... WE FIGHT! We FIGHT for a cause, we fight for our BELIEFS and we fight for our PRIDE... We fight for every single thing that fuels us as Human Beings -- ROMAN REIGNS does all of those things as he BELIEVES in all of those principles and values... THE PATH OF JUSTICE HAS BEGUN! ROMAN REIGNS TAKES ON MARTY SCURLL LariatPRO LIVE ON THE FIGHT NETWORK!

After what was a disaster of a night, emotions were hitting home really hard in the heart of The Samoan Destroyer Roman Reigns who was looking forward to leaving Battle For Seattle as The Lariat Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, but thanks to Lashley... who left Roman Reigns damn near breathless, Roman Reigns left Battle For Seattle.. Empty handed, but his mind wasn't empty... Revenge is something that has fueled Roman Reigns his whole life. The Era of Gorgeousness is set to ensue following Battle For Seattle concludes, but the Redemption For Reigns more importantly STARTS now. We fade in and cameras are triggered in and locked on Roman Reigns who is being attended to by medical staff as he sits on a stage crate. As the cameras zoom in on the rattled Roman Reigns medical crew exits the scene as Reigns takes on the camera time to express his thoughts.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: LASHLEY... I've got no idea why you did what you did tonight... But you can't take back what you did tonight and your actions are going to haunt you for the rest of your life BIG MAN!

As the sour look remains on Roman's face. He runs his hands through his hair and favors a spot on his head which probably has goose knots for days after that collison with the Announcers table tonight.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: Tonight was a disaster and that's all thanks to you and for what? What did you gain from tonight? I've made it known, I want you... anytime, any place, anywhere... Name it Lashley. Street Fight? I'll be there... Steel Cage Match... I'll be there. HELL IN A CELL? I'LL BE THERE! Name it... but should I actually expect a coward like you to accept a match? You must have a death wish, because what you did tonight is unforgivable.

Roman Reigns holding his neck and selling the damage that was inflicted on him tonight at the hands of The Destroyer... Only time could tell what the hell these two monsters were going to do to one another.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I'm gonna say it once... Keep your head out of my business. Me and You... Were gonna settle this son, but if you dare decide to poke in one of my matches again... It's gonna be the last damn time. I'll take you out... I really just wanna know why, Lashley... The Lariat Pro fans deserve to know.

Roman Reigns strokes his chin and suddenly has a rather quizzical look on his face.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: Nah'... as a matter of fact I know why you did it and so does everybody else. You saw me as a threat, your biggest threat and that's actually really smart of you. I'm so impressed... I mean you entered a match you weren't even in and took out your biggest threat, the highest form of competition... The one guy who could absolutely best you, given the chance he actually knew you were gonna do what you did... But I know exactly what kind of guy you are now, Oh yeah... Trust me I do! Your the kind of guy who would rather have a guy like Tyler Breeze wearing the strap, because you think that benefits your chances of actually being "The GUY"... but what you don't realize is you started a war with the ROUGHEST, TOUGHEST DOG on this entire ROSTER... Lashley and you better strap up them boots and get ready for a fight, BECAUSE IT'S GONNA GET REAL!

Roman Reigns does a little reading between the lines in this scene and begins to spell it out for the viewers... The feud was going to shake the entire Lariat Pro platform and take both Superstars to new heights... but ultimately in the end more than likely leaving a PATH of DESTRUCTION on the way there.


Roman Reigns closes this scene out staring down the camera with his bold eyes as he laid it all out in the ring tonight... his sweat pouring from his long Samoan locks, he extends his FIST of JUSTICE in front of the camera and closes with one last very BOLD and UNFORGETTABLE MESSAGE FOR LASHLEY.

After a long and tiring draining week, Lariat Pro behind scenes is following the development between The Two Destroyers, in this scene on one end of the fight, The Samoan Destroyer. What was Roman Reigns head at following a ground shattering loss at Battle For Seattle due to the interference of The Destroyer Bobby Lashley? Lariat Pro goes on the road with Roman Reigns and his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso. The scenes start up with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso sitting in the backseat of a Luxury SUV as cameras are focused in as Jimmy Uso is headed to the hotel.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: Well that didn't got the way I planned it... You guys really had my back out there.

"UCE #1" [JIMMY USO]: C'mon UCE... we really ain't gonna take that route are we now?

"UCE #2" [JEY USO]: Alright the Elephant is out of the room forreal' though, due to our current contract situations UCE, we can't make any physical contact with any Lariat Pro talent or personnel. There's literally nothin' we could've done...

Roman Reigns clinches his fist and begins grabbing at his fist as his facial expression is lit with the fire burning inside him. He was hungering for REVENGE and the thirst was REAL.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I expect when my own family tells that they'll have my back, That's what they'll do... but look I don't need excuses, nor will I make them. I can own up to it, LASHLEY caught me completely off my guard, but make no mistakes -- THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

"UCE #1" [JIMMY USO]: You think we liked seeing that shit? That shit made me sick to my stomach bruh'. I was up to my neck in feels man, we're working on the deals and we're gonna make an impact too... WE got YOUR BACK! Ya hear me? Understand?

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I understand, look guys I know you got mine and I got yours, that's how It will always be between us. We're FAMILY and family is EVERYTHING! But forgive me... If I'm just a little rattled after all that. That's not gonna sit well with me. That son of a bitch is gon' pay and the price is going to be his weight in BLOOD and TEETH!

"UCE #2" [JEY USO]: You got all the right to be mad bruh', but you got another match on the Fight Network against Marty Scurll, why not show Lashley what you're all about BIG DOG and Marty Scurll? Toss that fool like around like somebody' lap dog UCE... Make a statement!

Jey Uso pats Roman on the back as he smirks with sick intent.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: Marty Scurll? Eh? I feel bad for anybody in my way... ON MY PATH! The chains gonna come loose and I might just fly off the handle boys, I'm not entirely sure after It's all said and done with Lashley... If I do a lot of things I'm not proud of and I guess it starts with you MARTY SCURLL!

"UCE #1" [JIMMY USO]: Oh lord he's a mad man Jey...

"UCE #2" [JEY USO]: Cuz' done lost it fam, he's bout to go USO Crazy all up on the villain Marty! Who does that boy think he is anyways? UCE' now is the time man, you better put him in his place. First impressions everything and thanks to Lashley...

Roman Reigns cuts Jey off as Jimmy Uso begins chuckling behind the wheel up front not being able to hold it in as he knows what's coming for Jey.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: Whoa... Whoa... Whoa... Settle down now what happened Battle For Seattle is NOT going to repeat itself! Lashley caught me off guard, like I said... It won't happen again. Fool me once, NEVER FOOL ME AGAIN! That's how it goes -- ROMAN REIGNS STYLE!

"UCE #1" [JIMMY USO]: Tell em' UCE!

"UCE #2" [JEY USO]: Hey man I ain't tryna' pour no salt or anything... I'm just sayin' if you wanna be "THE GUY" in LariatPRO Roman -- Clocks ah' tickin' dog and Marty Scurll is a stepping stone, but a rather important one. A knotch in your belt looks good, REAL good... time to make it happen cuz'.

Roman Reigns chuckles as he remains focused never-the-less. You could see the fire in his eyes.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: You ain't got nothin' worry about man. I got me, you didn't have me... BIG MAN gotta roll on and on his own, right? It's ALL GOOD, but if you honestly expected me to not be on the top of my game just because of my focus on getting even with Lashley? You're sadly mistaken my dude, because if anything it has ELEVATED my GAME to a whole new LEVEL! Had Lashley not done what he did I was just about to finish off Marty Scurll. He wasn't gonna get back up from what was coming next, but I guess everybody is going to get to see that this week on the FIGHT NETWORK! Ya see Marty Scurll took an opportunity to get rid of the biggest threat in the match by scoring the pinfall after the damage was done. I ain't mad at em', I don't blame em'... but a coward is a coward and I know a coward when I see one. Marty Scurll, he's a coward... Lashley? Yeah... Coward. Doesn't matter who gets in my way because any given night, I GOT THIS!

Sending the message to all future opponents from Reigns holds onto his massive forearm and knuckles up that massive fist of his.

"UCE #1" [JIMMY USO]: Yeaaaaaaaah that's what I'm talkin' about UCE! Man I'm hungry as hell... Lets get some food and get these cameras up outta' here, you heard it straight from the HOUND and he done told ya... My boy is comin' for revenge, watch ya head Lashley! You done, finished! Put a fork in em', It's over!

As the USO's and Reigns pull up to their destination they part ways from the camera crew not entirely sure if they finished this segment completely, but seems the Bloodline was going to do things their way and whatever that meant and to whatever extent is left to be seen but make no mistakes about it LariatPRO fans are for a treat.

Fade in -- Numerous Roman Reigns clips begin to be displayed to all viewers watching via the web. Text fades up into a video package. -- LariatPRO Wrestling productions, a Roman Reigns story, a tale of a giant. Over-looked and mocked by those jealous of a man with the most unique look in Professional Wrestling today. There will never be another Roman Reigns when all is said and done and there's no need to make any comparisons -- because Roman Reigns is his own man and Roman Reigns has come to LariatPRO to simply continue CARVING away at his very own Legacy. Roman Reigns is from a BLOODLINE with a very RICH and vast Legacy, rather that Bloodline come from actual real BLOOD or the bond of a Brother. Roman Reigns possessed Loyalty, Strength, PASSION and the heart of a Lion, but the mentality of a HOUND... Betray that HOUND and it was going to fight back. Make one false move, that HOUND responds and begins to adapt to the current DAY in LIFE. Roman Reigns has arrived and anybody that steps before him will be met with a SWIFT FIST of JUSTICE. THIS IS -- THE PATH OF JUSTICE! After the video package concludes, Roman Reigns in all black can be seen standing before the camera with a few visible bandaged lacerations. Never-the-less if you're going to come at this beast get the job done!

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I CAN AND I WILL! I'm still here, I'm still kicking -- knock me down, I'll come back stronger!

Pacing around Roman Reigns before the camera begins to press his palm on his chest and then turns that palm to a fist and begins smacking his chest just above his heart.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: My will and my determination won't be broken. Not by a bunch of a losers chanting you can't wrestle, drink your beer, shut the hell up. Not by some bitter deadbeat - underachiever who lost their way and now they wanna make their claim off my name, Bobby Lashley. Not by some clown who plays dress up with a bunch of misfits and thinks he's the WORLD's worst Villain... You're worth about as much as the DIRT on the bottoms of my BOOTS MARTY SCURLL!

Roman Reigns intentions were clear here, Roman Reigns on his self proclaimed PATH OF JUSTICE... was simple to break down. Roman wants TO FIGHT and he wants to FIGHT a lot!

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I'm tellin' ya all to BRING IT! That's what I'm sayin' -- Scurll you talk a lot and a lot of the time, I've got no damn clue what the hell you're going on about. I wouldn't be surprised if people at home turn the Television off whenever they have to sit through one of your dreadful segments. I don't give a damn about your cult of nobodies and I don't give a damn about you in general. Let me make myself clear, we're gonna fight and that fluke of a pinfall you scored at Battle For Seattle you're probably feeling so good about it -- that's gonna turn into disappoint and self loathe for the DESTRUCTION that is going to be set upon you when you step in the ring with me!

Roman Reigns brushes his hair out of his face after the adrenaline rush and frequent yelling has got Roman looking a mess.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: Revenge is a dish always best served cold, I hear... and when Roman's set to get his Revenge? Anybody in the way is bound to get hurt. Because while you're bound -- I AM FREE and I'm FREE to do whatever the hell I want around here and I see that clearly now! I don't give a damn what anybody thinks, I don't give a damn what anybody says. It is time for Roman Reigns to start doing what's BEST for Roman Reigns!

It's heating up and so is Roman Reigns who is looking to get even on many levels here. First against Scurll and then onto his way to Lashley. Reigns is nodding completely feeling every single thing coming off the tip of his tongue.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: And... that starts with you gettin' your ass kicked Marty Scurll! I'm giving you the boot and then when your career is all over with... you can take your cult with you and GOOD RIDDANCE! BUH-BYE!

Roman Reigns smirks as he begins to toy at his wrist as he stares at his fist.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I've already punched you in the mouth before... I can't wait to do it again. I hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am and Lashley -- I hope your watchin' big guy... THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!

Roman Reigns begins to press his fist into his palm.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: We all just wanna have a little bit of fun right? You guy's ideas of havin' fun is a whole lot different from mine, but allow me to introduce you to a new world that you most certainly are going to HATE living in!

Roman licks his lips and smiles just thinking about it.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I will forgive, but I won't forget... I won't accept a verbal apology from either of you, nor do I expect or even want that. You guys are the purest breed of scum-bags and you can bank on the only form of apology accepted is going to be with me KICKIN' each of your shit in so deep that you won't be able to walk for weeks!

Roman Reigns smug look doesn't fade. The bitter Reigns wasn't letting go of any ILL WILL just yet... This was a process and the path of Justice was looking to be a fierce Campaign.

"THE GUY" [ROMAN REIGNS]: I guess you can say You'd have to see it to BELIEVE IT, Right? Well you're going to see soon enough Marty Scurll that Roman Reigns is not the GUY you ever wanna cross... because you're on my Path to JUSTICE and JUSTICE will prevail! No self pro-claimed VILLAIN or any other Jackasses and company inlcluded will have a leg to stand on after they COLLIDE with THE BIG DOG! Justice will be mine... ONE VICTIM OR AS MANY AS THEY COME AT A TIME! ONE VERSUS ALL!

Roman Reigns drops to a knee and strikes the ground. When he rises he lets out a roar yelling "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and then intensely stares down the camera. Scenes fade out to black.


Name: Roman Reigns
Affiliation: Tweener
Gimmick: Unique
Marital Status: Married
Theme: "The Truth Reigns" by Jim Johnston
Hometown: Pensacola, Florida
Height/Weight: 6'3/265 lbs.
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Finisher(s): Spear, Superman Punch

Signed Contract: Signed July, 2016
Matches Entered: 01
Record [W/L/D]: 00/01/00

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Name: John
Age: 26
Marital Status: Engaged
Experience: 16+ years
AIM: JohnFNWilson