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Scenes fade in and as the cameras are on and rolling we can see Jason Albert and Finn Balor arriving at an airport having discussion together.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Look kid I know what happened, I know what went down... You caught a tough break here man and Bray Wyatt... Well seems he feels you're a threat, you're his new obsession and well until he's over that, we're gonna have to goto war with this man, Finn...

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: That's what I finkin' Jason... but I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve yet lad!

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Yeah you got a plan? Well ya' better one, because this guy? He's not all there...

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Ya' I got a plan... but it benefits no one! But I know if anyone can set Bray Wyatt free... and let him stray away from all this darkness, It's me... I can put him down!

Jason Albert crosses his arms and scratches his head.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Well enlighten me hot shot, just how in the hell do you plan on doing that?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Somethings are better left un-said... but actions that will play out at Devil's Night, WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES...

Finn Balor pats Jason Albert on the back as he then walks away the opposite direction leaving Albert completely confused.

The scenes fade in backstage the whereabouts unknown, but the room looks to be a Boiler Room to where we see a very annoyed and aggravated Finn Balor. Not as calm and collected as usual.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Everybody wants to know, What's up with Finn Balor? Why hasn't he been the same "DEMON" since he's returned....

Finn Balor looks exhausted and just point blank out of it.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: It's quite simple man, I'm not the same guy... I've changed. A lot of people say Bray Wyatt has got in my head and that's what he does... When you face off against this man... things are never the same... and well I'm not gonna admit that, I'm just not gon' do that!

Finn Balor sighs and shakes off the cobwebs.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: At Devil's Night I'm going to give it up my all and hopefully you will see the same Finn Balor you all fell in love with, Bray Wyatt likes to dance with the Devil and sip wine with Demons, but this Demon... Can drink and I can damn sure fight!

Finn Balor cracks his knuckles as he looks on with serious mannerisms.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: It's time somebody showed Bray Wyatt a thing or two about respect, because all I see is a guy who likes getting inside other people's heads... with some sorta sick mentality about himself... he gets off on this.

Finn Balor shakes his head and looks on in disgust.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Whatever his motives are, whatever the intentions... Bray Wyatt when you step into the ring with me, you're going to see the Demon, make no mistakes about it... Am I the same guy? Maybe not, probably not... will you take me to my limits? Absolutely, probably.. but I will not go down without a fight and If I go down, Bray? I'm dragging you down to hell with me lad!

Finn Balor begins to smile sickly now as the tables are turning.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Like a burning inferno, I'm not done yet... You can't just put out my fire with a simple flash of the lights... but since you like to get everyone interactive and what not with your interest, tell those fans to keep their phones out on Devil's Night because they're not going to want to miss what we put each other through Bray... You really want this? Well you asked for this pal... YOU ASKED FOR THIS LAD!

Finn Balor begins punching the wall as he gets a little more infuriated.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: YOU ASKED FOR THIS BRAY... You wanna stick your head where it doesn't belong? You wanna get in my head? Is that where you wanna be? I'm quite a quiet fello' and what goes on in this head of mine... WELL I don't even think somebody like you would ENJOY WHAT GOES ON IN THIS MIND OF THE DEMON KING!

A sinister grin appears on the face of Finn Balor... What exactly was he thinking about right now? Ya gotta wonder...

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: There's a time for being quiet and there's time for a war, if a wars what you want? We can have one, we can drag this one out and drag it on down to HELL lad... But like I said Bray and you better make no mistakes about it... IF I GO DOWN, I'M BRINGING YOU DOWN WITH ME!

Finn Balor holds out his arms and shrugs as the sinister grin leads to a confident smile.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I'm most confident that... neither one of us are going to walk out of Devil's Night the same as which we walked in... As a matter of fact, that's a promise Bray! I look forward to planting the COUP DE GRACE right in that evil gut of yours! I plan to stomp you right through that ring and six feet under ground... STRAIGHT TO HELL!

Finn Balor points down and intertwines his fingers together as he taps them on each other hand.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I hope you're as ready for this as I think you are... Because It's gonna be a bumpy ride lad! THE DEMON... WILL RISE... ONCE AGAIN!

As distorted special effects begin to overlap Finn Balor's appearance... the video package cuts out to the Boiler Room where Finn Balor just was all of a sudden empty... and the video roll begins to fade to demonic sounds.



Name: Finn Balor
Affiliation: Face
Gimmick: Unique
Marital Status: Unknown
Theme: "Catch Your Breath" by CFO$
Hometown: Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
Height/Weight: 5'11/190 lbs.

Allies: Jason Albert
Finisher(s): Coup de Grace

Signed Contract: Resigned September 1st, 2015
Matches Entered Since 09/01/15: 01
Record [W/L/D]: 01/01/00

AEW Light Heavyweight Champion(1x)
None Yet
None Yet

Name: John
Age: 25
Marital Status: Engaged
Experience: 15+ years
AIM: JohnFNWilson