October 12th, 2015 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

AEWDEMON.COM: Coming off a comeback victory after a setback at Superclash... Finn Balor has risen against The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy and Finn Balor is now set to enter the ring for his next opponent which has been revealed as the very unique Goldust. Finn Balor has the upmost respect for the Rhodes family, but how exactly did Finn feel about Dustin? Balor wasn't going to keep quiet and looking to keep the ball rolling... The Demon that has been reborn looks to stay in top form as he continues on his hellpath to success. Don't miss the 4th Year Anniversary special edition of Concussion... LIVE THIS WEEK!

The scenes fade in backstage where Finn Balor can be seen posing with fans at an AEW live event. Cameras are rolling for an AEW Exclusive for one of the hottest Superstars to this day... that ever ever stepped into a ring. Fresh off of a hard earned victory at Redemption, Balor has a lot of momentum going into the 4th Year Anniversary edition of Concussion where he will take on Goldust. As Finn finishes up signing autographs for V.I.P.'s Jason Albert looks on and guides Balor to his dressing room where the two begin addressing some business.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Look my man, we sealed Jeff Hardy's fate... but Goldust? He might be a little bit of a different cookie... You don't want to bite off more than you can chew with this one man.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: A cookie sounds damn good right now, but I get what you're sayin'... I'm not gonna take Goldie lately. But ya see this also isn't just a match to me. This is a day we can celebrate our dear lost friend Dusty Rhodes. Dusty taught me a lot and to be in this match with Dustin... Well I hope he realizes how much his father meant to me and how much he helped me and my career grow.

Jason Albert looking on very proud of how much respect lies within Finn Balor. He was an athlete, a professional, but a purist when it came to respect. Spending all those years Japan taught him many traditions and respect is a way of life out there.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: I'm glad you got your head in the game man, because this could be a huge match. Goldust is currently holding onto that Money In The Bank Briefcase looking to cash in and become World Champion at any moment. Nobody knows what to expect out of this guy... You really gotta be on your toes at all time man.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I'm not gonna take him forgranted. I know exactly what he's capable of... and as for mind games? There's not a chance he's going to get in my head. He's going to see just exactly what Finn Balor is all about though! We're bringing a little bit of the DOJO right here back to AEW! Hardknocks man, hard work, grit and endurance... Goldust has a lot of rust on those wheels and I'm going to take advantage of that!

Balor pointed out what he saw as a weakness. Not shying away from letting out a devious grin... Balor had something up his sleeve and Albert? Well he liked it.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: I like that man, You're absolutely right. You're in the best shape of your life, just about any guy around here is envious of the body that you have... And Goldust yeah, he's definitely seen better days. But he uses any and every disadvantage one would refer to as AN ADVANTAGE because of his experience factor that he plays to a tee on ANYTHING... I'm tellin' ya kid, this guy is smart. He's been in the game for a long time, but then again so have you... and I know you're better Finn, you're possibly going to be the best Wrestler to have ever laced up the boots, but KID... DO NOT... take Goldust lightly. This match pads the stats just enough... for you to get noticed to keep on moving up the ranks around here. Think of long term goals and what we're trying to accomplish here. The end game!

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I know exactly what I've gotta do... and Goldust isn't getting in my head. There's no way, but me getting in his on the other hand? Anything is possible, Goldust needs to open his eyes and realize that. I want to have the best possible match against him and continue to give these people what they deserve to see. All of my Balor club that shows up week in and week out, supporting me... following everything I do and giving me one hundred percent of their loyalty and faith. I don't take anything forgranted lad... And Goldust isn't stepping my toes! If we wants to see who's the better man? Well then I say.. show me what ya got GOLDY! I encourage all challengers, but the last time... A big bad wolf tried to come howlin' at my door... I PUT EM DOWN! And Jason... I plan on shattering Goldust's dreams of conquering The Demon. So if you see him around, you let him know that THE DEMON IS COMING!

After delivering a message to Goldust... Finn Balor was ready for a challenge and expected nothing less from the current Money In The Bank Holder Goldust. Finn Balor was ready to dedicate his victory to Dusty Rhodes and was going to give an all out effort for sure stopping at nothing to impress his idol. The scenes shortly fade out to Finn exiting the dressing room.

The scenes fade into Finn Balor dressed in a suit standing before the camera. Finn Balor began to clinch his hands together and smirk.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Many of you may have realized that at Concussion It's going to be a very special night and as I've said numerous times this week.. I am going to dedicate my performance to a man that was very important to me and my career. The Legendary Dusty Rhodes, I have the honor of taking on one of Dusty's sons. The mysterious one, Goldust... Goldust is ready to at all costs SHATTER My Dreams... but what Goldust doesn't know... Is I don't dream, ever since I lost my Light Heavyweight title... I can't sleep. I want to be at the top of this company and I couldn't do that on my couch now could I?

Finn Balor shakes his head blatantly saying "Nope!"

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: But now I'm back and I am faced with this challenge of taking on you Goldust... and All I have heard all week is they never know what to expect out of you. But I've got you figured out lad, because it just so turns out... I don't really need to figure out much. I'm the best damn Wrestler in this Company and I' m the guy who's going to be taking you out at CONCUSSION! Just like I put Jeff Hardy in his place... Don't lick the fuse Goldust... don't get too close and you want burn out.

Finn Balor pauses as he begins to shrug a little bit.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Every single day I realize Dusty isn't coming back... It makes me realize why certain men become icons, legends and it was always their Destiny. Well Dustin, It is my Destiny to RISE all the way from HELL and reveal my true self, my true form and my true form has not yet even come close to being revealed. They say I'm on my prime while I'm on the rise and I could do so many things with my talent... They're not exactly wrong, but... I'm also very un-predictable. Goldust you might think you have got me figured out as well, but really... I don't think you do lad! Ya don't got a fuckin' clue what I'm capable of!

Finn Balor begins to wag his finger and a smug look on his face appears slightly showing

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: But that's okay... That's what I like. When I went to fuckin' Japan, nobody knew what to expect... I was just some kid, they were trying to make a KING, but I was too young so I BECAME a "Prince"... Everybody loves a Prince right? Well The Prince is dead and that's besides the point... Sometimes when you're a man on a mission you have got to do somethings that you're not going to be proud of, but Dustin, Goldust... Kickin' your ass at the Anniversary Show? Is going to be an honor and privledge... I have nothing but respect for your family, but I actually think that you're a couple screws too lost... At Concussion, no need to worry friend... I'll help you find your way with a swift boot right up yer' ass!

The grin on Balor's face widen as he intently continues to get his message across to Goldust.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: The value of gold is on the decline in AEW my friend... and meanwhile THE DEMON is still on the rise and once I get to the top and I get what I want, what I deserve... What I crave and need... All of my desires and goals will have been achieved and fufilled... meanwhile you will be at the same rate and same exact spot you are currently... There is a changing of the guard right here in AEW and it starts with me lad!

Finn Balor motions shoving his finger directly into the lens of the camera.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Ya wanna prove me wrong guy? Ya wanna show me that It's not my time. Do it... I dare ya.. Show me what ya got pal... I'm all yours... but as I said, I've got nothin' left for you to shatter but these damn Nightmares ever since I've lost my title lad... and I'm comin' for a much bigger fish than PJ Black or Heath Slater.. whoever ends up holding the title by the time I got my fuckin' hands on em... There's much bigger fish to fry and that includes you Goldust... Don't underestimate the future of this Company and the best damn Wrestler on this planet. I'll make ya' a believer! That's a promise lad!

Finn Balor's facial expression grows more intense as the video footage begins to get choppy and distorted. Ending with Balor's image turning into a demonic form with supernatural effects in the background... shortly fading out to screams as the scenes cut out to pure darkness.



Name: Finn Balor
Affiliation: Face
Gimmick: Unique
Marital Status: Unknown
Theme: "Catch Your Breath" by CFO$
Hometown: Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
Height/Weight: 5'11/190 lbs.

Allies: Jason Albert
Finisher(s): Coup de Grace

Signed Contract: Resigned September 1st, 2015
Matches Entered Since 09/01/15: 01
Record [W/L/D]: 01/00/00

AEW Light Heavyweight Champion(1x)
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Name: John
Age: 25
Marital Status: Engaged
Experience: 15+ years
AIM: JohnFNWilson