AEWDEMON.COM: As stated via Finn Balor on Twitter as well as AEW's website Finn Balor will be returning at Redemption against none other than The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy. Which on any stage or level many fans would deem a dream match any given time these two would step into the ring together. Finn Balor is known to tear down the house with his Wrestling ability, but if The Demom comes out? Which one of these guys are going to more jacked up with excitement and intrigue? Both men slap the paint on and become an entire different person. Who will get the best of who? One thing is for sure the fans are the real winners here. AEW continues to deliver the best product in the business and this match right here is not disappointing or telling anyone otherwise. The entire card is all out stacked, but these two men intend to steal the show. Jeff Hardy is looking to get on track and after Finn Balor suffered a Concussion at Superclash after a span of events took place. The Demon most definitely was looking to get back on track and put what happened at Superclash behind him, but when he could get his hands on Heath Slater... What exactly would happen? Slater came down and demanded a Championship match for then Finn Balor's Light Heavyweight Championship immediately after Finn had already defended his title against AJ Styles settling their feud. Being the fighting Champion we all know Balor is he welcomed the challenge... little did Balor know The One Man Rock Band had a little something up his sleeve, capatilizing on the referee being incoherent Slater knocked Balor out with his own title and stole the victory as well as Balor's title. Now that Balor is back in the mix? What was going to un-fold? One things for sure... The Demon has risen once again and there was certainly going to be hell to pay.

The scenes fade up after an AEW House Show in Brooklyn, New York. The following is an AEW exclusive. AEW Production has caught up with a man who is making a rare appearance since AEW Superclash just over a month ago. The former AEW Light Heavyweight Champion Finn Balor who has just worked a match against a local competitor competing for an AEW contract. Renee Young standing by with Finn Balor who looks like he hasn't even broke a sweat tonight. Still in his Wrestling attire Balor has a brand new AEW #BALORCLUB T-Shirt on now as he sips on some water to hydrate himself.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time, none other than the former AEW Light Heavyweight Champion and the man who is set to take on Jeff Hardy at Redemption, FINN BALOR! Finn as always It's a pleasure and just as everyone else feels, I'm so happy that you are back. Welcome back! How did it feel getting back in the ring tonight?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: It felt amazing. This crowd, these people? The same fans who have helped the cause of selling out Redemption... It's been such a great atmosphere. I'm extremely honored to be here and I'm grateful I've finally been cleared to compete yet again.

Finn Balor smiles, he takes another sip of his water and then sets it down on a production crate. Clearly he was very happy to be back and he seemed very determined on letting everyone know he was ready for all on-coming challenges ahead.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: Speaking of which, you were sidelined from action after a vicious title shot to the head from none other than Heath Slater. So I gotta ask you Finn, The AEW Universe is very eager to know... What's Finn Balor's Redemption gonna be like?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: First of all, Renee... I wouldn't give that sleaze ball Heath Slater so much credit. Me and AJ took each other to our absolute limits. I was already a little dazed, but being the man I am? I'd never back down from a fight and Heath Slater? I honestly didn't expect much of a fight, but I also didn't expect to take solid gold right to my cranium. So what's Redemption look like Finn Balor? Well Renee Redemption is going to painted in RED on a canvas which is unknown... but red is all I see and I am determined to prove to each and everyone of those people who bought a ticket, THAT I'M THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Heath Slater? His time will come... but right now? I'm focused on "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy he is a very different man, but then again so am I. Jeff Hardy wants to bring out a much more violent side of himself, personally that's quite okay with me, Renee. Ya' see some people seem to think that I'm the same guy who took over Japan and dominated the Independent scene for years, Well they're right in a way -- ya see because I am better than I ever have been, Renee and there is much left for me to achieve here and I'm not going anywhere until I do just that!

Finn Balor digs deep into his emotions and his love for this business. All was on the line here. This was his Redemption after all and at Redemption Brooklyn? Finn was going to be all about giving an all out performance the AEW Universe would never be able to forget.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: Finn Obviously you're a very passionate guy. I can see you're also very determined to stay focused on the task at hand and obviously that is Jeff Hardy at Redemption, so that Heath Slater feud is kind of on the back burner it sounds, but what is actually next for Finn Balor? You still have a rematch clause for the Light Heavyweight title, correct?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I mean honestly Renee, I haven't given it any thought. I've been stuck at home in Florida re-habbing every single day and the only thing that's been on my mind is getting back in the ring. I don't know any other way to live, I'm blind without Wrestling. It's how I express myself... Ya see when I was just a young kid from Ireland, I knew I wanted this and anybody who truly knows Finn Balor knows that this is my life. So I say to Jeff Hardy, To Heath Slater, to any of the nay-sayers or those out there who just don't get me. I'm here to fight and compete. AEW has the most competitive roster in the whole world, even more than NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING and I honestly never thought I'd say that.

Finn Balor expresses how he feels about the current competition within the AEW's very deep roster. Many potential matches were in store and Finn wasn't shy about getting into the ring with any and many to come.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: AEW seems to grow every single year, It's actually pretty amazing. I believe that we're actually a part of a movement right now Finn and like to have you back... you're a really big part of the change within the guard right here in AEW, wouldn't you agree? I mean with Jeff Hardy you got an AEW Original, since It's start-up he's been in the mix here and there always returning to the fans enjoyment. And then there's you Finn Balor... Really essentially the new breed of AEW. Two worlds are going to collide here. Don't you think It's great?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Nothing is due to me without earning it. But is change brewing within the core of the AEW? Yes, Change is on It's way. It is my pleasure and a complete total honor to be a part of this movement in AEW. There have been many that have sat comfortably at the top for quite some time, but there's always going to be someone new knocking at the door. Jeff Hardy for example, he was around during AEW's start-up and he has been around in this business for a long time. I respect the hell out of what Jeff Hardy has accomplished in his career, but at Redemption? Jeff Hardy is going to respect FINN BALOR!

Finn Balor in closing points to the camera with serious intent. Renee Young looks on just as super fan would ultra stoked for this match-ups build.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: Jeff Hardy has a very unique arsenal of moves, but then again so do you? Who edges this one out, Finn? Because on paper this to many fans is a dream match.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: You could ask me that question against anyone Renee... I'm always going to choose myself. I have worked my entire life to get here in AEW. No matter where I have been, I have always dedicated myself to be the absolute best I could possibly be. From scrubbing down the toilets, floors, the ring... I have been at the bottom, but while I was working my ass off to get here... I learned the most important thing about this business... RESPECT! Respect is the number one thing in this business, if you can't learn that? You might as well quit, Heath Slater? He knows nothing about respect? Jeff Hardy? Well if he happens to be the man I think he is, he knows a little something about respect. However Jeff Hardy also has a very expanded imagination... All is well because after Redemption THE DEMON will have RISEN and Jeff Hardy will have been tormented by what happens to him September 20th right here in Brooklyn!

Finn Balor makes a statement! Motioning with the most serious degree of intent. The look in Finn's eyes was pure determination. He truly meant every word he was saying, he's worked his way up from the absolute bottom.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: You learned a lot in Japan, I think it takes a lot of courage for a younger guy to just pack up and leave the country he was used to all to just live out his dream. Not many people have a story quite like yours, Finn and I think the AEW Roster should all take your message very serious, because you're back and one hundred percent now right?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Absolutely one hundred percent, Renee. The Demon is back and he's got a couple names to scratch off and by the end of the night of SEPTEMBER 20th at Redemption? He might just have a couple more. Japan was like a second home to me, in a way it still is home. I've spent so much time there, great culture, great people. But this is my life now and I'm here in the states to TAKE-OVER! Just like I did in Japan, just like I did in the UK or anywhere else Finn Balor has ever competed! I strive to give my absolute best every single night I'm in the ring. It is the art of competition that drives me.

Finn Balor smirks as Renee Young nods listening to every word very carefully as she already has begun thinking of her next question.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: Well clearly you're in the right place, Finn. The AEW Roster as I said has grown so much, year by year. The fans are so excited about your match against Jeff Hardy at Redemption. Really though what are your actual thoughts on this match-up with Jeff Hardy?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: He's a daredevil, he's got a mind of his own and he's not afraid to express himself. I respect that, but he's gotta respect that at Redemption... He's not just going up against Finn Balor. No, Jeff Hardy is going to meet THE DEMON... Ya' see at Superclash what was awoken deep inside of me has lit a fire. I can guarantee you that fire isn't going to burn out any time soon and that should scare the hell out of anyone that just so happens to get in The Demon's hell path!

As Finn Balor's eyes begin to read much more angst deep behind them. It was clear that Finn Balor was ready to set out his path of destruction. After being screwed over at Superclash Finn Balor wasn't a man that couldn't got revenge. No, Finn Balor was going to be the man who REDEEMED himself and proved he's THE KING.

"AEW INTERVIEWER" RENEE YOUNG: In one word, what do you expect this match to be like for you?

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: CARNAGE! It's going to be absolutely carnage. It's going to be a great show and regardless if I'm not everybody's favorite Superstar, this match? Such carnage everybody is going to win and everybody is going to love it! But in a match like this or in any match. Somebody has gotta lose and if Jeff Hardy truly believes he is better than me, I gotta ask him right now. PROVE ME WRONG, because I been proving people wrong since I started my career. The Prince is DEAD... I'm a KING now... THE DEMON KING and The Demon RISES... SEPTEMBER 20th at Redemption... right here in BROOKLYN! Jeff Hardy has faced many challenges in his career, but he has never seen anything quite like me and what he will experience that night -- but I promise you he will remember for the rest of his life! What he sees with his own eyes and feels within his body it is going to change him every day and week by week as I GROW STRONGER! This movement doesn't stop at Redemption. However I will get mine and everybody should expect to see a lot more of FINN BALOR! BECAUSE I'm not GOING ANYWHERE! First stop Brooklyn, Jeff Hardy's name will be crossed off the list and then I'm onto the next one and the next one and the next one and I won't stop until I'm The AEW World Heavyweight Champion and then a whole nother journey begins for The Demon, try and stop me, but it is INEVITABLE!

Finn Balor holds out his hand and forms a taunt with a Bullet Club gun taunt pulling the trigger at the camera.

The scenes fade up to an unknown arena in New York for the AEW Redemption tour. We can see Jason Albert in a suit walking towards a dressing room. Jason Albert knocks on the door after receiving a response to enter Jason turns the knob and walks in. It was none other than "The Demon" himself's locker room. Finn Balor can be seen warming up as Jason Albert approaches him with something to talk about. These two have a lot of history together and have been friends for a long time.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Hey man, so I wanted to talk to you about your match at Redemption. Like honestly Finn if you asked me, now is the time to strike. You've faired pretty successful here so far, but on paper? This is a launching pad for you in this match with Hardy... You win this? And we're looking at the next level, the next real chapter in your career here in AEW.

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I kinda see it that way too.

Finn Balor seems a little off at the moment in this scenario, but Jason Albert only grows more agitated, but for what reason?

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Dude I'm telling you... you need to grab this match by the horns, you need to become the fuckin' DEMON and you need to rip Hardy's head off, show these people who you really are... that shadow lurking in your closet, all your inner anger and darkness... COMMAND IT and that ENIGMA, JEFF HARDY? Make him NO more... That's what I'd like to see, THAT'S WHAT THE AEW UNIVERSE WANTS TO SEE!

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: If you're tryin' to see where I stand here, It goes a little somethin' like this... When I first learned about this match I treated it with respect and such. Jeff Hardy wants to disrespect me and take this match down a different kinda road. THE DEMON will rise at Redemption and you can fuckin' bet on that... Jeff Hardy wants to make this match take a turn for worse? He wants this match to be violent? I can show him things he's never seen before in his diluted fuckin' mind!

In current devlopments leading to Jason Albert looking much more content then when he first came into Finn's locker room. Albert's path was clear, strictly motivation for his long time friend and now client it seems.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: That's what these people want to see man, they want to see you and Hardy go in there and knock each other around like a bag of bricks. Hardy has had all the time in the world to take AEW by storm. He's past his prime, It's time for a new REVOLUTION in AEW... and I'm tellin' ya Finn, you're going to be the leader of this new ERA of AEW! But to do that, you're going to have show these people how far you've come. Your days as a young boy or no more, you're gonna be a LEGEND!

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: Your right, and it starts with Jeff Hardy, but It doesn't end there! Jeff Hardy made a mistake under-estimating me. I thought Jeff Hardy was a better person, but in reality I'm never surprised... The element of surprise is on my side at Redemption, because Jeff Hardy has not CLUE what is goin' to happen... but September 20th... IT'S ABOUT TO GET REAL!

Albert nods looking on in excitement. He was clearly looking for a turn in Finn's attitude around here. Moving forward his long time friend and client now, Albert wanted the best for his friend and if that meant he had to get involved? He was gonna do whatever it takes.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: Stone cold truth, you're better than Jeff Hardy... I know it, you know it... all of these people that watch this product know it. You are the product of your own HARD WORK, I honestly can't tell ya the last time JEFF HARDY had to work for something! He wants to be a dick? He's gonna get treated like a dick! I want you to show this little punk why you don't mess with us! This is the NEW REVOLUTION! This is... OUR TURF NOW! We are TAKING-OVER! It starts at Redemption and like you said, It's not GOING to STOP THERE!

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: At Redemption the entire AEW Universe is going to see with their very own eyes that I am the best wrestler in the world! Jeff Hardy he may take as many risks as he likes, but he will not beat me! Because I am destined for this... this is my time. Superclash didn't end my way, I spent weeks recovering and everyday went by... I became more angry, I became more hungry... and damn it, I'm no longer sitting on the sidelines. I'm ONE HUNDRED PERCENT healthy and what that means for Jeff Hardy? He's got a whole heap of trouble awaiting him.

Finn Balor cracks his knuckles and a smug grin appears.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: I truly am glad you understand my reasoning for bringing this to your attention. In no way am I disrespecting brotha, but... You gotta understand where I'm coming from. You knock off Hardy here? Your upside goes even higher than it already is, this is about RISING your stock... and everybody is going to want in on that train. Maybe not quite like A-Train's stock, but I mean your close... the main thing here is that you've gotta stay focused man. Don't worry about that little pencil dick moron Heath Slater... You're the REAL ROCK'N'ROLLA forever... even if you're the DEMON KING now. Slater wouldn't even make it a week as a young boy... You were destined for this Finn and now's the time to start knockin' on bigger fuckin' doors and if they don't let us in? We KNOCK EM DOWN' AND WE TAKE... WHAT WE WANT!

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: This business in ours for the takin'... The AYE-EY-DUBYA... IS OURS! You're right about Slater, everybody knows he could never beat me clean, but the facts do remain. I was screwed at Redemption and that little son of a bitch not only costed me my title, but he costed me time off my progressing my career... and in just one match at Redemption? Slater is going to be watching a spectator just like everyone else is... He is going to witness the END of JEFF HARDY!

Albert rubs on the shoulder on Finn Balor looking on proud.

"THE MENTOR" JASON ALBERT: At Redemption... THE DEMON is going to take-over... The Prince is DEAD... you're a KING NOW... and It's time to show all the peasants in AEW who the almighty ruler Finn truly is!

"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: My reign has just begun... Jeff Hardy has been tormented by his own demons for so very long, but in just such a short amount of time he is going to be tormented by something so much stronger at REDEMPTION when the DEMON truly rises from the ashes and shows his true form. JEFF HARDY'S name will be scratched off the list and etched until his name turns into dust!

Jason Albert smacks on his chest and once again shrugs, Balor looks on with a smirk as he drops an un-canny wink before the camera.


"THE DEMON" FINN BALOR: I tried to be respectful, but if you're not gonna respect me and what I've accomplished, then I'm going to have to beat it into ya! This right here is a gut-check Jeff Hardy... you told the entire AEW Universe you were going to be a much more violent man, but your problem is that you've never known your own limits lad... you have let your addictions lead you down a path to no return and at REDEMPTION... JEFF HARDY isn't going be RESURRECTED, but... Finn Balor will redeem himself and once again as thousands look on in attendance and millions watch at home... JEFF HARDY "THE HUMANOMOLY", WHATEVER' THA' FUCK THAT MEANS... is going straight to HELL! THE DEMON WILL RISE AND TAKE-OVER IN BROOKLYN! I WILL... SEE YA... THERE! HA-HAH!

Finn Balor laughs sickly after sending a very familiar message to "The Charismatic Enigma", "The Humanomoly" Jeff Hardy. Finn Balor with a much more aggressive attitude has shifted after a motivational pep talk from his long time friend and now seemingly manager, Jason Albert formerly known as Prince Albert, A-Train, Giant Bernard, Tensai, Sweet-T... Many names and a man of many names that knows the game? Knew all about the stakes here, about encouraging one of AEW's hottest young Superstars and leading them to a path in which will always find fruition. The plan will follow through and as Finn Balor closes this promo up with a signature well known hand gesture used by his old group the Bullet Club, Balor aims his hand gestured gun taunt at the camera while winking and pulls the trigger as Jason Albert stands behind him with a rather menacing grin. The cameras then seemingly cut out to static instantly and fade out to a Balor VS. Hardy Redemption hype video package.



Name: Finn Balor
Affiliation: Face
Gimmick: Unique
Marital Status: Unknown
Theme: "Catch Your Breath" by CFO$
Hometown: Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland
Height/Weight: 5'11/190 lbs.

Allies: Jason Albert
Finisher(s): Coup de Grace

Signed Contract: Resigned September 1st, 2015
Matches Entered Since 09/01/15: 00
Record [W/L/D]: 00/00/00

AEW Light Heavyweight Champion(1x)
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Name: John
Age: 25
Marital Status: Engaged
Experience: 15+ years
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