DAREWOLF.COM: LF4 has had a good couple of months since the group formed together and resigned AEW deals. PJ Black in just a few matches has risen to the top of the Light Heavyweight Champion and after successfully defeating Adrian Neville and Heath Slater at Redemption... The sky is the limit for PJ Black, but when you're a man with no limits? What exactly is that saying? There's no telling what's next for PJ Black, but one thing is for sure when PJ Black steps into the ring with The Miz at Concussion? Everybody is going to be watching.

The scenes fade in backstage to where PJ Black can be seen stretching out. The cameras pan in on his AEW Light Heavyweight Championship sitting on a production crate. PJ Black then snaps his fingers and points back to himself.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: You like what you see? That's my title right there and it isn't going anywhere, got it?

PJ Black begins to smile widely which turns to an ear to ear grin so full of himself after his recent accomplishment, ever so proud of himself... PJ Black was gonna use this time to gloat.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I don't see The Miz walking around with gold... but he claims to be superior in every way. Quite honestly I'm not impressed at all with Miz. His panhandler sidekicks seem to do more interesting things than him... and that's not sayin' much really.

PJ Black sighs... he places one hand on his AEW Light Heavyweight title and then immediately grows angry for no apparent reason.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I'm sick and tired of seeing men like you... steal the spotlight from those deserving of a chance! Guys like me are on the sidelines, waiting to get on these cards.. waiting to grow and propser... meanwhile guys like you Miz.. Just continue to clog the middle... disallowing these talents to get through the creases... What have you accomplished? You run your mouth, you talk about movies nobody cares about... Nobody gives a damn about you Miz. Can't you see that?

PJ Black verbally expresses his frustrations and he seems to have quite a lot of reasoning behind his opinions.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: There's so much talent on this Roster and yet... there's the same old crap happening, time after time, after time... Heath Slater repeating himself six thousand times, saying bay-bay... The Miz talking about his crappy movies, pure utter annoyance... MIZ... YOU HAVE BECOME THE HUNTED!

PJ Black motions with a cut-throat gesture across his throat with intense motioning.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: It's time for you to get cut DOWN Miz... You see you keep ending up in LF4's way... I don't like that, Dave doesn't like that... We're already sick and tired of seeing and hearing the crap you spit out.

PJ Black shrugs his shoulders irritated.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I came back to the AEW with one goal in mind... I wanted to change the entire construct of the AEW. I set out on this path to TRANSFORM the Light Heavyweight Division and with every bone my body and every risk that I am willing to take and lay my life on the line every night for the sake of giving this company what it really needs... THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION! I'm not going to let some fool clown like you... ruin what I've set out on achieving and if you think for one second that I would allow you to destroy something that I've been building since I got here... you're so very wrong Miz! The gig is up, the joke of your career is over... It's time for you to go... I can hear them howlin' out... Another one bites the dust and THE DAREWOLF... KEEPS ON RISING!

PJ Black reaches out and grabs his AEW Light Heavyweight Championship, un-buckling it he swings it over one of his shoulders and begins laughing sickly as he looks on with sick thoughts running through his mind. Batista and LF4 are sicking this wicked hound on MIZ come Concussion... What would be the outcome? Scenes fade out to black.

Scenes fade in backstage to the following members of LF4 Present, Ric Flair, D-Von Dudley and The AEW Light Heavyweight Champion PJ Black. All men dressed in black suits, what exactly was on these gentlemen's minds? Well one things for sure they were going to let everybody hear about it.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: The Miz again? Really? This damn guy just doesn't learn... Ya know what happens to guys that don't learn Miz? Ya get the taste slapped outta your mouth! HEH!

"OUR BROTHER" DEVON: Miz... I feeeeeeeeeeeel for you man, because this man right here... THE DAREWOLF PJ BLACK, THE AEW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! The man, that is changing and transforming this business, his division, the guard and the whole damn scene... ripping and clawing down the buildin' PJ BLACK is going to eat your heart out MIZ, YA DONE LUCKED OUT!

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Mizzy boy, I feel sorry for ya... You're walkin' into a vicious cycle of ravenous hounds scratchin' away at your door. You just had to walk down that path? And took cover on OUR TURF... The AEW is OURS for the takin'! You're just another man living in our world buddy... but at Concussion, don't blink... It'll be over swiftly!

A sinister grin appears on the face of the AEW Light Heavyweight Champion PJ Black. Ric Flair and D-Von both share a chuckle as they continue bad mouthing The Miz.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: It'll be over a whole lot faster than one of those crappy movies of yours... This man right here? PJ Black is exciting and what he brings to the AEW is un-like what any other kid in this business is bringing. Those movies of yours? Belong buried six feet deep along with Blockbuster, your movies won't even make Netflix...

"OUR BROTHER" DEVON: REST IN PEACE... Miz's movie career... perhaps career in general, because this man right here? This man... PJ BLAAAAAAAAAAACK is comin' for ya... you better stop duckin' us Miz... Let us end this once and for all. You don't belong in da' ring with my boys! Ya hear me punk?

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Miz... What D-Von is trying to say is.. You can run, hell you probably should... but you won't get far, because we'll track you down and we'll wash you out... and I'LL CUT YA DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL!

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The same goes for anybody that crosses our path to destiny.. we're riding the waves to greatness, LEGENDARY FORTUNE FOREVER and... there ain't a damn thing that anybody can do to stop us!


"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Sucks to suck, Miz... haha

PJ Black smirks as he pats his AEW Light Heavyweight title, Ric Flair looks on putting up the "4" taunt... D-Von joins in and yells out... "WAZZZZZZZZZZUP"! Scenes fade out...



Name: PJ Black
Affiliation: Heel
Gimmick: Daredevil
Marital Status: Taken
Theme: "Run With The Wolves" by The Prodigy
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Height/Weight: 6'1/213 lbs.

Allies: Kelly Kelly, Ric Flair, Dave Batista, Devon
Finisher(s): 450 Splash
Moonsault onto a standing opponent transitioned into an inverted DDT

Signed Contract: August 3rd, 2015
Matches Entered: 03
Record [W/L/D]: 03/00/00

Founding Member Of LF4.
None Yet

Name: John
Age: 25
Marital Status: Engaged
Experience: 15+ years
AIM: JohnFNWilson

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