September 20th, 2015 - Barclays Center - Brooklyn, NY
PJ BLACK VS. (c)Heath Slater VS. Neville

DAREWOLF.COM: It's been a very impressive two weeks on AEW Television for LF4 representing member PJ Black. "The Darewolf" was able to score the pinfall over Alex Shelley to become the number one contender for the Light Heavyweight Championship, but little did PJ Black know Adrian Neville was going to revoke his rematch clause and also be added to the match. The Lightweight Championship bout will now be a Triple Threat officially taking place at Redemption. The official match will be Heath Slater defending his Light Heavyweight Championship against PJ Black and former Light Heavyweight Champion Neville.

The scenes fade in and the following scene takes place sometime after the Concussion Main Event that featured PJ Black Veruses Alex Shelley to determine the number one contender for The Light Heavyweight Championship. PJ Black can be seen walking backstage with a huge smile on his face. He had just delivered on a huge promise and is now the number one contender for the AEW Light Heavyweight title. Black continues to head for his dressing room, but from behind he is tapped on his shoulder he turns around and quickly defends himself. Who was trying to get The Darewolf's attention? None other than "THE ANIMAL" Dave Batista! The LF4's founding leader has finally made an appearance... tonight must've been a big night.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: Easy man, It's just me. I understand we got targets on our backs already? We're WANTED dead or alive around these parts! HA-HA!

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Yeah man, I'm just on alert... I realize anything can happen here in the AEW.

Batista nods as PJ Black looks on puzzled as to why Batista's come all this way just to watch his match tonight? Possibly? Many questions remained as "The Animal" Dave Batista looked his part as he is now a big Hollywood hit. Dressed in his Skinny jeans a suit jacket, fedora and sunglasses... This man was class.


"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Took a quick trip to catering, he also said and I quote... "I need a damn glass of wine and something to spank..."

Batista chuckles as PJ Black looks around and shrugs.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: Man.. That sounds a lot like Ric... Well man, I'm here tonight because I was revising some key points on my contract and honestly I heard you were having a number one contender match, I wanted to see what "The Darewolf" was all about and man you didn't disappoint did you?

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I lay it all on the line every night, I know what's at stake here and I know that we're pushing to take this business by the horns until everything is at our disposal.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: So I got some interesting news if you hadn't heard already... At Redemption you're going to be takin' on Heath Slater, but with a twist... also Neville. There's two ways to look at it, any man can be pinned for you to become the Champion... when opportunity strikes you gotta strike as well. And well... there's an extra guy in this match of course so, the odds are different now.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: That's awesome, but really I'm honestly not concerned with Neville. I took him to his limits and defeated him, The Man Gravity Forgot will be forgotten as a contender just like Heath Slater will be forgotten as a Champion at Redemption... It's all the same man!

PJ Black snickers as Dave Batista looks on with a smug look on his face.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: I just wanna make sure we know the task at hand here and we're on the same page.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Totally. I've worked my ass off to get here and for LF4 to give me this amazing opportunity, I don't intend to take anything forgranted, but I also have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN! I'm bringing the AEW Light Heavyweight Championship home to LF4, no matter the costs boss!

Batista removes his sunglasses and places a hand on PJ Black's shoulder.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: That's good, because we don't h ave time for failure here. We've got a window of where I want things to be... If I had it my way you would've been the guy giving Balor a Concussion and winning the title at Superclash, but we both know you're more of a man than that, right?

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: My 450 can get the job done by itself, my style is much different than a lot of guys here and I'm bringing out a whole new arsenal of moves at Redemption. Ya see nobody really knows what I'm going to hit them with, but I've put in the time and I've made this PROGRESSION from working hard and I've been at this I was a just a boy. I'm man now and I deserve to be a Champion, Dave. You know we've had these talks... and you told me what you saw in me and I'm determined now to let You, Ric or D-Von down.

PJ Black gestures with respect as he extends his arm and Batista doesn't hesitate on shaking.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: I know that you can this thing done kid... You just gotta keep your mind right and go out there and get it! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't and man... don't let these two clowns steal this moment from underneath you!

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I've been clawing at the doors of AEW now for a long time... They've finally let this damn Wolf in... There's no stopping now. I'm in this for blood and Heath Slater's time as Champion IS ONE... AND... DONE! He should've never became Champion, HE NEVER EARNED the right to call himself such! At Redemption I seek BLOOD... I seek my own REDEMPTION from being overlooked all these years, for being over-shadowed by a wasteland of hasbeens and those who ride off others coattails like Heath Slater! It ends at Redemption, Dave! This is our time!

PJ Black looks at Dave Batista with a serious look.

"THE ANIMAL" BATISTA: That's exactly what I wanted to hear! So I want you to go into Redemption with that mindset to KILL... and lay waste, put it all on the line, you're the man without fear, you're pretty much DAREDEVIL... You don't have to actually visually see what's in front of you, to just know... and be aware of all your surroundings. This is our playground now... and this is PJ Black's CALLING... It's time for you to let that Wolf inside of you and HOWL brother... GET IT! UNLEASH THE WOLF! Win that title and show the World you are exactly as good as you say you are and we know you are!

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: At Redemption I will do just that, I hear It's gonna be a FULL MOON and the adrenaline rush I'm gettin' from it has got me feeling like a WILD MAN! I fear nothing, regret is not option, but Heath Slater and Neville both will regret ever stepping into the ring with me and believe me... THEY WILL BE CUT DOWN!

Dave Batista holds out a fist and PJ Black taps it with one of his own as "The Animal" looks on impressed with a focused PJ Black. The future of LF4 continues to look very promising and bright. Scenes fade out shorly afterwards.

Cameras are rolling for another episode of "A Day In The Life Of PJ Black" what is an AEW Exclusive that follows PJ Black's life in and outside of the squared circle. PJ Black can be seen locking up with fellow LF4 member D-Von Dudley. D-Von begins coaching PJ and as he further impresses delivering on a bad ass pele kick, PJ Black then goes up to the top rope and hits his patent 450 Splash as Ric Flair looks on outside of the ring letting out a "WOOOOOOOO!"

"OUR BROTHER" DEVON: That's what we want to see at Redemption man, this is an important match for not just you, but all of us.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Fear not brother at Redemption I'm going to make MINCED MEAT out of that bridge troll Heath Slater.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: You're damn right you are... Because I can't stand to see that idiot's face another second! The fact the kid actually believes he's a Champion makes me wonder if he's not all there... Everybody who watched Superclash knows what happened... I'm The Dirtiest Player in the game, but at Superclash? Heath Slater got lucky that Finn Balor was concussed, because Heath Slater can barely tie his own shoes let alone actually win a match on his own! However at Redemption? I expect my man right here PJ Black hits his patent 450 Splash and It's gonna be game over brother... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

PJ Black and D-Von shake hands as they look on at Flair smiling.

"OUR BROTHER" DEVON: Naitch' you ain't gotta worry man, we been puttin' the work... there ain't no way my man PJ is goin' down against Slater or Neville.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I beat Neville when I returned to AEW... The Man Who Gravity Forgot, hasn't forgotten about ME! Heath Slater? The kid is a joke, Ric... I'm not going to let this opportunity pass me by -- I DO know what's at stake here.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: Kid you know I'm gonna be your biggest supporter around here, but this match right here? It's what makes you who you are... THIS is PJ Black's Redemption, ya came back to this company with a purpose and that purpose is to represent LF4 on such a stage and deliver and we expect nothing less than that LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE comin' home to LF4 BROTHER!

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: And that is exactly what I am going to do. I've got both these guys well scouted... and I know them both very well. Heath Slater has always needed to be carried and paired with somebody who is better... I could make an example, but your lookin' at him. At Redemption, Naitch... the whole world is afraid of change, but what is going to happen to poor Heath "THE ONE AND DONE" MAN BAND SLATER... is rather unfortunate but under these circumstances he leaves me choice really, because no matter who gets pinned... Neville or Slater... I'm going to be The Champion, MAKE no mistakes about that!

D-Von looks on proud as he pats PJ Black on the back and nods in agreement.

"OUR BROTHER" DEVON: Neville was the first to go down, then my boy beat Shelley on Concussion to win this opportunity meanwhile, Heath Slater's doin' what? In some love triangle with his own Stable? The Sons have lost their focus and their way, and if you ask me... they never deserved to be here in the first place. This is our time fam, this is our HOUSE now... and are we going to let Heath Slater keep that title belt cool by the pool? Hell no... We're goin' to kick that son of bitch out of our house! And Adrian Neville? He needs to get to steppin', because It's my boy PJ BLACK's TIME! Now you better believe that!

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: No matter what it takes, Dave made himself very clear... It's now or never. It's put or shut up... PJ I know you love gambling brother, VEGAS was a trip... but now things are getting serious and it is time to lay it all on the line and get this train rollin', Heath Slater has gotta be taken out back and that ole' buck is gonna have to be put down!

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: More like a fragile fawn, Naitch... Heath Slater isn't a threat in this match and Neville is actually a threat to himself. You see neither one of these guys are good closers, but I guarantee you, when I land that 450 Splash at Redemption... It's going to be the end of days for Heath Slater as a Champion and it is going to be a constant reminder to Neville that he will never be better than PJ BLACK!

As a majority of the LF4 members stand around slinging the trash talk towards PJ Black's competitors you can see the fire in PJ Black's eyes. This wasn't just a chance to prove himself, but ultimately a defining moment that he was ready to capitalize on.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: Damien Sandow was an idiot, Heath Slater is a soul-less, heartless Champion with absolutely no talent. Luke Harper looks like he belongs on a show called Swamp Boys, Kurt Angle's past his damn prime and that moron Ken Anderson should turn his own asshole into a black hole and let all the rest of the damn sons jump inside as they all VANISH to never return. How's that for an Asshole joke? Ya' stupid son of a bitch! The Wrestling World would be a better place.


"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Why does he constantly talk about his asshole? I mean It's rather fitting, no pun intended of course that Slater would be associated with assholes, because... Heath Slater is a total dick... I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I watched Clash. But none of it means anything come Redemption boys, because I am going to claim my very first title in AEW History and I'm going to make history with you my brothers... The LF4 and we're going to takeover one night at a time! Heath Slater has BECOME the hunted and what's left of Neville? The wounded prey... shall be stalked and CUT DOWN BY THE DAREWOLF ONCE AGAIN!

Brother D-Von slams his hands together and sticks his tongue out very animated as he finishes his sentence as Flair and Black look on in laughter.

"OUR BROTHER" DEVON: SMACK DAB on the mat... done, them boys finished! All you watchin' at home, this is your new LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and you better BOW DOWN and pray your favorite Superstar doesn't get in the ring with us next... because what's goin' happen to those two fools at Redemption is going to be an example of what everybody else is going to go through!

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: IT doesn't end at Redemption either... NO, NO, NO! This is just the beginning for LF4, THE ANIMAL DAVE BATISTA has been training with world class trainers in all areas of fighting. Connor McGregor issues another one of those challenges for a briefcase full of money? Dave might just make an appearance and slap the taste of his mouth! But make no mistake about it, we're gunning for that AEW World Heavyweight title and all the rest of the titles for that matter, because TALENT deserves to be on DISPLAY and what better way for LF4 to demonstrate this new power trip, then claiming all the prizes and glory this company has to offer! HEATH SLATER, ya lil' redhead step child... ya carrot-top body double, no good, son of road kill... your dearly departed begins September 20th at REDEMPTION in BROOKLYN, New York isn't very forgiving... and neither are we. We have more than just a problem with you guys... we want the Sons to disolve and leave this company. You guys aren't what's best for business, you guys aren't what's best for ratings and ya damn sure aren't good for anything Champions... You're nothin' more than a buncha jokes that are either washed up or should have never beens and if that little bridge troll Hornswoggle gets in the way at Redemption I won't have any problem bootin' his ass out of the Barclays Center!

PJ Black puts his gloves together revealing the WOLF graphic when they come together. He then begins to grin widely as his eyes become much more intense and focused on the camera.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: This is just another day in the LIFE of PJ BLACK... Your future Light Heavyweight Champion and as the days go by ONE AND DONE Heath Slater keeps countin' down to the day he will forever be remembered as the one and done, no good, fluke CHAMPION! Heath Slater masks his insecurities with that ego of his, but in reality everybody knows a guy like Heath, what's there to be cocky about? You've never been sure of yourself in and out of the ring Heath... and pretty soon you're going to be that poor defenseless fawn staring into the light before the semi-truck splits you into pieces! Spoiler alert, no one will even care to peel your dismantled carcass off the mat at Redemption. But just above my fireplace where the Light Heavyweight Title will stay warm during the winter that is coming... I will remember Heath Slater as the prey that lead to a BIG GAME Hunters new found glory and success and such profound domination! SEPTEMBER TWENTYTH TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN! THE DAY MR. ONE AND DONE, SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN CHAMPION HEATH SLATER LOSES HIS TITLE, AND THE DAY FOREVER BECOMES THE DAY THAT STARTED THE ERA OF THE DAREWOLF! -- I've seen the future through the Wolves eyes... and I hear Sunday night is going to be a FULL MOON! And ya' know what that means!


"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: WOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOO-WOOOOO-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What means is THE DAMN DAREWOLF is going to steal that show and stomp ya' out! This ain't the same damn kid, this ain't the same damn Darewolf... The archangel Gabriel has become somethin' much more than that so called DEMON ya defeated... THIS man is a future WRESTLING GOD! THIS man is the man who is going to lead this company into a new age, THE NEW ERA of AEW... and a movement that is goin' to shake up this business until the end of time! Neville and Slater, steppin' stones... PJ Black is going to leave as Champion and there's nothin' nobody can do about it. Like or not, this man is the next big thing in the Light Heavyweight Division and he's fired up and ready to go! So I'm gonna warn you sons of bitches one last time, while these cameras watch ole' Naitch sweat his ass off for those Caronas he slammed 20 minutes ago... If our crosshairs are set on your sorry asses, you have BECOME the HUNTED and your time is up!



PJ Black motions around his throat all the way across in a slitting gesture. D-Von Dudley pats PJ Black on the back as Ric Flair points at D-Von and PJ Black and looks on proudly as they strike a poke before the camera as the scenes fade out after a training session and verbal beatdown by the LF4.

The scenes fade in to what is a self recorded message from self proclaimed future Light Heavyweight Champion PJ Black. PJ Black dressed in casual attire is sitting down on a couch as he is recording. He begins waving a lighter around with a sick smile on his face as he's one hundred percent locked in and focused. This was the man that has made a promise to change this business and what better way then winning that Light Heavyweight Championship this Sunday? But why exactly was The Darewolf playing with fire here? Was this about mind games? Or just The Darewolf just being his ever so risky fear nothing self?

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I've always wondered why people fear what they can see right in front of them. When you visually see something, you can ultimately and totally prepare for it, but when the lights go out and you fail to adapt to your surroundings. PURE DARKNESS takes ahold, what do you do? If you're coward like Heath Slater you probably cower, piss yourself and end up dead in your own tracks! But if you become something more...

PJ Black turns the lighter off momentarily... then flicks it back on as his eyes then change to pure white with contacts.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: If you harness the darkness and you command it and you fear NOTHING... nothing can hold you back, not chains, not society, not a corporate suit... everyone is still buzzing, WHO IS PJ BLACK? That's still kinda a mystery isn't it? But at Redemption... PJ BLACK WILL BE YOUR NEW... AEW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and there's no mystery about that!

PJ Black begins hovering his hand above the flame and his facial expression widens as he has no regard for burning himself.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Sometimes too much too soon is a problem for someone who is un-worthy... and do you know what happens when you get to close? The Demon you faced might have not had enough firepower left in him to put you down... but you're going to get hit with so much Slater, that you're never going to have a chance to put me on my back!

PJ Black yells out "YEAAAAAAAH" as he hovers his hands through the flame and laughs.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Heath tries to act like he doesn't know, but he used to be like a younger brother to me. He's let too much non-sense get into that thick skull of his, so I'm asking you... Let me see what you got, you're always making claims that you're such a Rock Star, but you're in denial for how pathetic you are so you hide behind a gimmick that no believes or cares about. Just like this FLAME... I AM COMPLETE CONTROL of every and anything that can or will happen at your expense. If I wanna turn the up heat? I CAN DO IT, If I want to burn you out? I can do it, but you've already exposed yourself, Heath... you're already so very vulnerable.

PJ Black laughs sickly as sick thoughts begin to dement his intentions you'd have to believe.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: The element of surprise is always going to be on PJ Black's side when the likes of you are my opponents, I'm totally held way high above the two of you in regards to talent and skill. Some may have not been able to see that, but that's what I mean when I say PEOPLE fear when they can see VISUALLY and why? I just don't understand! It's clear as day that I am a REAL MAN and REAL COMPETITOR and a future Champion... A deserving and fighting Champion... I fear nothing, YOU FEAR EVERYTHING!

PJ Black sighs as he begins to wave the lighter around the camera.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: You're always joking Heath, You really should learn how to take things serious, because this is absolutely a life defining moment that is going to change your pathetic existent for the rest of time! With every stroke of MIDNIGHT, with every tick of every clock around the world we draw closer to the end of MR. ONE AND DONE... Just like this lighter will run out of fluid and this FIRE that you all fear will cease to exist... It will burn out because the task at hand was too much for it to handle, JUST LIKE I AM TOO MUCH FOR YOU TWO TO HANDLE! I've got a whole bag of tricks and a whole lot more talent overall, period at everything I do!

PJ Black pauses and you can sense he was more fired up than ever and truly wanted to capitalize on this moment at Redemption.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I worked with Dusty Rhodes before he passed. Dusty Rhodes told me things I never thought about, but things I dreamed about. THE AMERICAN DREAM and I'm living it now... Your dreams will turn into Nightmares, because you are men with FEAR. This fire? Add a special ingredient and well you'll see what happens!

PJ Black begins spraying through the lighters fire creating a blaze of fire as he cackles in the background like a maniac truly enjoying himself.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: THE FIRE IS BURNING INSIDE ME AND YOU ALL SHOULD BE VERY AFRAID! You think this "Fleabag" doesn't deserve to be, well get rid of me Heath! GET RID OF ME! I DARE YOU! I DARE YOU TO TRY! You pathetic man you... you and your garden gnome are the ones who need to be rid of this place for good! Your pathetic existent is the very reason why the AEW Light Heavyweight Title is being mis-represented and held back!

PJ Black becomes quite frustrated with the thought of Heath Slater actually being the current AEW Light Heavyweight Champion.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: I am going to be the man to bring legitimacy back to this division and to this company as a whole! It pains me to know that you're sorry pathetic ass has even been able to accomplish what you have. It makes me sick and it has has lead me down a path where I will show no REMORSE for you! NO regard for your well-being... there's a job that has to be done and at REDEMPTION I PROMISE YOU, I PROMISE TO THE ENTIRE AEW UNIVERSE... HEATH SLATER is not walking out Redemption AEW Light Heavyweight Champion and he will never get his filthy hands on the title ever again!

PJ Black stares directly into the camera after a short pause.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: My calling has lead me to come to the AEW and this calling will not go down as a disappointment. Critics keep saying this is too soon for The Darewolf... No... It's not. IT HAS BEEN A LIFETIME IN THE MAKING! I have been Wrestling since I was a CHILD... I have seen things people wouldn't be able to live with and I use that pain and suffering and I channel it into determination to breed success. I've come a long way, I'm no longer the green kid in front of the camera who isn't sure of what to say. I'm fed up and I have plenty to say!

PJ Black begins smirk with arrogance radiating off The Darewolf.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: There's no chance of me failing at Redemption, because I'm willing to lay everything on the line to get what I rightfully deserve and what I have been working my entire life for to achieve. This Light Heavyweight Title is the BIG one for me, because I want to bring LEGITIMACY back to this DIVISION! This Division is not meant to be the laughing stock of this business! This title was meant to display the talents of Light Heavyweight Competitors being the best from all around the world and I want nothing more to face all on-coming challengers as the new representing Leader of a NEW ERA of Light Heavyweight Wrestling! I seek the thrill... and as THE FIRE GROWS BRIGHTER... I get closer as I begin to CUT IN FOR THE KILL!

PJ Black begins to squeeze the bottle into the air again towards the flame as he begins to torch the air laughing very sadistic.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Can you hear them? For those who remained voiceless now have a new PACK LEADER... and the Pack continues to grow stronger... THIS SUNDAY... I WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO BECOME THE NEW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! I will risk anything because I reap the reward that is CHAMPION... and that title is something I require at this stage in my career. No matter who seemingly gets in my way to lose this match... It will be done and it shall be written. You're looking at your NEW AEW Light Heavyweight Champion... and that's just another thing we're learning about just who exactly PJ BLACK IS!

Another short pause as the sinister look on PJ Black's face remains intact.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: The ravaging continues at Redemption... Such desolation coming right to two men, a war path started nearly a month ago and that war path will breathe a sigh of relief when a true Champion everyone can respect is wearing that AEW Light Heavyweight title. A space enthusiast and a wannabe Rock Star... both fall victim to a hunger that is uncontrollably growing stronger every second as we draw closer and closer to the most talked about up-coming Wrestling event. So I urge you, both of you... be at your best, your absolute total best and bring all of you've got, because if you honestly think PJ Black is going to show up to Redemption anything less than his best then you are truly mistaken and as it stands your chances are already slim. September 20th, The One and Done Man and The Man Gravity Forgot will come to realize that The Darewolf was always destined for this moment and as one moment burns bright for some, others begin... TO BURN OUT IN THE PROCESS!

PJ Black begins to pump the rest of the lighter fluid out as he opens his mouth wide in destructive excitement.

"THE DAREWOLF" PJ BLACK: Your fear will be your demise gentlemen. Your struggle will be another man's gain and that's all I'm here to do is GAIN. I'mm all about the gains bro... this is my life and I'm in total control simply because I do not second guess myself, state your claims all you want, but we all know both of you second guess yourselves a lot... my point, how many matches have you successfully won here Heath? In all about two weeks and we've pretty much accomplished the same that you've spent months to achieve? Redemption will be no different, except the fact that in three matches I have already surpassed any and everything You and Neville could have ever achieved in such a short time. Too soon... I think not. Not soon enough, we could've made this simple and I could've ended you in my first night back... BE PREPARED HEATH, NEVILLE... SEPTEMBER 20TH... YOU GET CUT DOWN AND THE DAREWOLF ERA BEGINS!

In closing as PJ Black snickers, that smug look on his face remains as he is clearly bitter about the current setting and well being of The Light Heavyweight Division in which PJ Black believes he can truly transform into something so much more and at Redemption we are truly going to find out exactly just what PJ Black has in store. Scenes fade out to the sadistic laugh of PJ Black and in closing we're drawing closer and closer to AEW Redemption September 20th LIVE at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York.



Name: PJ Black
Affiliation: Heel
Gimmick: Daredevil
Marital Status: Taken
Theme: "Run With The Wolves" by The Prodigy
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Height/Weight: 6'1/213 lbs.

Allies: Kelly Kelly, Ric Flair, Dave Batista, Devon
Finisher(s): 450 Splash
Moonsault onto a standing opponent transitioned into an inverted DDT

Signed Contract: August 3rd, 2015
Matches Entered: 02
Record [W/L/D]: 02/00/00

Founding Member Of LF4.
None Yet

Name: John
Age: 25
Marital Status: Engaged
Experience: 15+ years
AIM: JohnFNWilson

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