DAVEBATISTA.COM: "The Animal" Dave Batista is set to face off against The Miz at the AEW Four Year Anniversary Special of Concussion. At Redemption the two men had an altercation and quickly esclating into what is now a confirmed match for the card. Would The Animal shut Miz up for good or would Miz prevail to continue bragging away. A match of the ages and for much bragging rights, only one man can triumph!

The scenes fade in to the 3D Academy where Dave Batista can be seen wrestling with students.

"BROTHER" DEVON: Y'all really think your ready for this? SHOW ME SOMETHIN'!

Batista destroys a student with a Spinebuster and there back looks shot! They roll out of the ring and Batista looks over at Devon and smiles.

"BROTHER" DEVON: G'damn don't kill em' now!

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: It was just a Spinebuster... That's nothin' compared to what that little douchebag Miz is gonna be put through at the 4 Year Anniversary Show!

"BROTHER" DEVON: Ohhh my Dave!

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: Yeah that's right... TESTIFY! Because that little son of a bitch thinks he can come out and interrupt me? I'm tired of the disrespect.. I quit this damn company because of it. The Rock thought he could hold me back and not give me what was rightfully mine. A shot at that AEW title, it was mine fair and square and everybody knows it! That son of a bitch had no reason to even be running the show and that moron Miz? Had no right to come out there and blab his idiotic little mouth. I'm going to put him in his place and if his "Miz-fits" get involved I'm gonna unleash more than ass kickings! I've got unlimited ass-kickings ready to be dished out.

"BROTHER" DEVON: I'm glad your all fired up. That was the point of this little excercise man. You're in great shape for your age, you should be proud man. You're in all these blockbuster films, you're in amazing shape and now with this return match? This can put Dave Batista back in the big picture here in AEW!

Batista strokes his chin and smirks.

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: Yeah I was just thinking the same damn thing... But Miz? He's not the real competition around here. We've got bigger fish to fry, but it just so happens Miz is the next poor bastard to get his block knocked off by THE ANIMAL... Mike sorry pal, you become the HUNTED!

Devon smiles sickly as he enters the ring and poses with Batista.

"BROTHER" DEVON: MIKE, MIZ, whateva' the hell you wanna call yourself -- you are lookin' at a pinnacle of success right here. You are lookin' at the god damn fuckin' truth! The Animal, Dave Batista... This man is money. He's not in some lil' bitch ass movies like "SANTAS LITTLE HELPER"... THIS MAN is FIGHTIN' JAMES BOND! THIS MAN IS FIGHTIN' ALIENS... This man GUARDS THE GALAXY and has got some big ass knives! What the hell do ya got? Marine 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? WHO GIVES A DAMN! Ted DiBiase Jr. Was in one of those films right? WHERE THE HELL IS HE!? Ain't nobody GOT TIME FOR DAT! You're a joke compared to this man, he is a LEGEND and a future Hall of Famer. While you're postin' lil selfies and pictures of your girlfriends fake tits, THIS MAN... IS MAKIN MONEY... THIS MAN IS MAKING MOVES and THIS MAN IS GOING TO RUN RIGHT THROUGH YOU!

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: Miz... Ha-hah... I hope you're at your best. I hope you've trained for this match and by god man... I hope you've got a plan. Because I'm comin' at ya with all I got and believe me, when I left this company... I left with so much business un-finished! And Now I'm back and at The FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW... THE ANIMAL WILL BE... UNLEASHED!

Devon begins laughing sickly as he points to Batista and puts up a "4" sign. Batista eyes broaden and he becomes much more intense and animated. Letting out a shout he then shoves the camera out of his face and rolls out of the ring.

Scenes open up for an AEW Exclusive in promotion to the Four Year AEW Anniversary Concussion show. Batista and Ric Flair, PJ Black and D-Von Dudley can all be seen dressed in black and all in suits. Stylin' and profilin' LF4 was ready to shoot. PJ Black held his AEW Light Heavyweight title proudly on his shoulder as Ric Flair slaps it and smiles.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: That's right our boy PJ got the job done and by god at... THE ANNIVERSARY SHOW? Miz is goin' to get his little annoying ass beat all over the place!

"BROTHER" DEVON: WOOOOOOOOOO... What cha' gotta say bout that?

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: And a year after I kick your ass Miz... We can do it all over again if ya want? HA-HAH!

Batista lowers his sunglasses and shrugs.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: We formed LF4 because we were sick of all the bullshit... sick of all the hogwash dragged out non-sense. Idiots like you Miz, parading around offering absolutely nothing for this company but ANNOYANCE. Well it seems we've got the jobs of pest control this week fellas...

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: Just say the word and let me outta my damn cage... I'm gonna rip his stupid head off and kick it around. I can't stand that little idiotic smug look he makes. I'm going to slap the taste of his mouth so hard... he'll be tasting what he had the night before for the next year... until the next ANNIVERSARY SHOW!

Batista smirks as Ric Flair looks rather glad he's not the one walking into the ring with "The Animal".


"BROTHER" DEVON: OH MY... That's real!

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: I haven't been in the ring in just over a year, but every second I spent away from that ring? Has made me that much more hungry. Day by day, second by second, into minutes, days pass... weeks pass.. THE SAME SHIT! No one stepped up, we've got a circus of a roster and WE are back... TO TAKE OUR SPOTS!

Batista pauses as Devon stands behind him nodding, he says lightly "Preach, my brotha, preach!"

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: This man right here, my brother... Devon... Gave me a chance to show the world what talent was. A big guy... that nobody knew just exactly what he was capable of. I broke my chains and I changed the guard. I EVOLVED... Miz? You've been the same damn guy you've always been. A wannabe... just another kid with a dream who never really made it, but he acts like he did! I've met plenty of guys like you Mike and I can guaran-damn-tee you're not walking out the way you came in! It's hunting season... somebody has gotta shut those ducklips of yours!

Batista motions with a smack with both hands together colliding.

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: What exactly do you have left to brag about or possibly say? I've heard enough out of you and I've only just got back... So It's pretty obvious to me that this has to end, Miz... and it ends with me puttin' you down! You've ran your mouth long enough and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the direction this company has gone in. Since LF4 has come about, look at what we've ACCOMPLISHED... The clocks are tickin' just count the hours before I'm the World Heavyweight Champion!

Batista motions around his waist, implying that he should be the next AEW World Heavyweight Champion and it could happen in literally no time as he has history for quickly climbing the ranks around here.

"THE REAL WRESTLING GOD" RIC FLAIR: Nobody else even comes close... who would challenge this man? Who would be that dumb son of a bitch... that would CHALLENGE THIS MAN? Look at his track record... GO FIND THE CORNER GUNNER IS SLEEPING ON AND ASK HIM... ABOUT THE ONLY MAN WHOEVER TOOK HIM TO HIS LIMITS!


"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: Gunner, Dwayne, Miz... No matter who it is that dares stand in my way. I am going to UNLEASH THE ANIMAL and It's going to be un-like anything you have ever seen before in your sad pathetic life! We are LF4... And we ARE TAKING OVER! And there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it!

Batista takes off his sunglasses and tucks them in the front coat pocket of his designer suit.

"THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA: I'm gonna warn you one last damn time, Miz... Bring all you got. Be at your best, Because ME at MY WORST... IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU CAN PUT OUT! You better have a plan... Because I know I do. Show up, beat you sense-less... LEAVE! And even that's better than any of your crappy movies you've starred in! See ya there CHUMP!

As LF4 stable members of Batista cackle in the background, Batista stares into the camera with a serious gaze as the cameras fade out quickly the scene ends.

DESTROYED: Ken Anderson(1x), Sheamus (1x)